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A historical shipyard

Søby Værft A/S has existed in nearly 90 years and was first founded by Arthur Christian Jørgensen as an engine factory on the 1st of October 1931. Arthur created the “Søby ship engine”, that became the trademark of Søby Værft A/S. In 1967 the first dry dock was added to the shipyard because of high demand from clients and the other two was added throughout the years. Dock III is the largest and newest dock on Søby Værft A/S, and it was extended in 2018.The shipyard also engaged in new buildings on like fishing boats, ferries later the shipyard worked on larger steel constructions, extensions and renewals on different Ships. Latest newbuildings was the E-ferry, Ellen.

The founder, Arthur Christian Jørgensen, was an important person for the development of Søby, as he made it his pride and purpose to develop the town throughout his life. If you find yourself in the area during the summer, you can experience a guided tour about Arthur and the work that he did for Søby and the community. See more here:

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Year 1931

Søby Værft A/S was built as a engine workshop by Arthur Christian Jørgensen.

Year 1937

The first 8/10 HK "Søby motor"(Søby engine) was created and delivered. The engine worked on petroleum oil.

Year 1940

Arthur builds a slipway

Year 1948

The shipping company "Arvi" is started by Arthur, his brother and the brothers Hermansen. This becomes the beginning of working on steel ships. 

Year 1950

Søby Værft A/S has created 50 different ship engines.

Year 1953

The port is extended and a 40 meter wooden pier is built.

Year 1958

The steeltrawler Christen Smed is extended and the building of steel ships officially has begun. 

Year 1967

The first Dry dock was added to the shipyard 

Year 1976

Another dry dock is built at the shipyard. 

Year 1981

A new workshop with storage room, office buildings etc. is built.

Year 1991

The shipyard is extended to 3600 m2 and a new welder workshop is built.

Year 2006

A new Dock is built and the shipyard now has 3 docks, as today. 

Year 2018

Dock 3 is extended to 140 meters in length.


The Electric-driven ferry "Ellen" is built and delivered to Ærøfærgerne.