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Newsletter Summer 2020

Newsletter Summer 2020

Søby Værft A/S has been very busy the last month, there has been several dockings and offers to make, while adapting to the new situation regarding health precautions.

We have managed to navigate in the regulations while maintaining our work with different clients inbound and outbound. All three docks have been preoccupied during the last month. The dockings included fishing vessels, ferries and tankers and the work consisted of overhaul of main engines and propeller equipment as well as painting, hull construction and other dock related jobs.

The summer time and the warm and longer days is over Søby Værft A/S and we continue our work in the highest gear. As we navigate in the extra work load, we recently announced that we are looking for 6 additional employees to maintain the high standard. We are planning to add a project manager, an internal maintenance employee, two employees for the engine workshop, a truck driver and an internal stock employee. We hope to welcome the new employees in the next couple of months.
Did you know?
At Søby Værft we have our own paint/ hull maintenance team. We have a strong team of fulltime employees specializing in hull relateded reperations and maintenance. We work with FWHP up to 2500 bar handheld or with a dockboy. Our team insure the best quality equipment in close coordination with our clients. We are aware of the costly affair on hull solutions and we stride to meet the best possible solution for our clients. 

Installation of BWT system onboard vessels.

Søby Værft A/S have installed several BWT system and one of the solutions is, installation in 10’ container on deck. Our technician and fitters are doing all the build-up and installation in container as well as engine room. All seawater pipes are made of seamless steel and after welding they are sent to hot dip galvanizing.

If you are planning to install BWT system in the future, please fell free to contact us for further details.