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New Environmental project at Søby Værft A/S

Flexible environmental barge for maritime natur preservation

The Danish Environmental Protection agancy has granted aid to the development and building of the worlds first flexible environmental barge.

A flexible environmental barge is designed to sort oil from oil infected waters. The filtered oil is contained and pumped into tanks where it is reusable. The draft of the barge does not increase when it is filled with oil. In that way the barge is particular useful in shallow waters where combating oil pollution is the biggest challenge.

The environmental barge can be affective when battling sudden environmental accidents close to the shores as, the barge is very simple in its structure and is easily managed locally by volunteers and in no need of assistance from environmental ships.  It is also possible to use the barge for ship to ship situations and manage oil pollution at the source.

A multifunctional barge for maintaining the echo system. 

The barge will also be able to collect seaweed, eelgrass and plastic garbage, before it hits the shorelines and rots away on the beaches. 

Søby Værft A/S and FLEX-FEB ApS will be cooperating in building and developing the environmental barge. 

For more questions regarding the barge, please contact:

Søby Værft A/S

CEO Roar Falkenberg

+45 61 61 07 39



CEO Jens Walther

+45 61 30 33 43