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New Employee in the Stock & purchase department.

New Employee in the Stock & purchase department.

During the summer of 2020, Søby Værft A/S, hired five new employees, each in different job-positions. The 4th of August 2020, was Jimmi Ravn Enevoldsen's first day in his position as stock assistant at Søby Værft A/S.

However, this was not his first day as an employee at the shipyard. Jimmi graduated as a carpenter at Søby Værft A/S in 2011, he had his apprenticeship at the old carpentry workshop, that unfortunately no longer exist today. Today, Jimmi is 30 years old and educated as a shop assistant and carpenter. Before he came to the shipyard, he worked as a shop assistant at "T. Hansen Gruppen" in Svendborg.

"I wanted to be able to contribute to the development of the island, ærø"

The position at Søby Værft A/S came to Jimmi's attention, as he is born and raised on Ærø. He wish to participate in the industrial development of Ærø and the possibility to ensure more citizen to live on Ærø, contributing to Ærø municipality's economy.

Jimmi, is part of a small team of 3 employees, taking care of all stock related inquiries at Søby Værf A/S. 

Søby Værft A/S welcome Jimmi Back at the shipyard and look forward to the new workforce he brings to the shipyard.