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Newsletter Autumn 2020

Newsletter Autumn 2020

Summer is officially over, and we are entering autumn, the changing of the leaves, lower degrees and lots of exiting projects at Søby Værft A/S. The past three months of summer have been busy at Søby Værft A/S, our three docks have been booked with various project.

Among the projects we had the tank vessel “Donizetti”, with some engine repair, paintjob, and maintenance. The supply vessel “N35”, in need of a new name and look, to fit the new owners. A docking of the cargo vessel “Eems Sun” for a stern tube repair, Dockings from the cargo vessels Aland and Värmland from the same shipping company. Some paint and steel work on the barge“ Iholm II”, Dockings of the hooper vessels "Lea Høj", "Camilla Høj" "Lapis" and "HH 204". Further, repair works, surface treatment and renewals of different passenger ferries such as Sejrø ferry, Kattegat, Langeland and Omø. Lastly, a docking off our newbuilding 109, the fishing vessel “Galant”.

New employees to Søby Værft A/S
All the activity and tonnage at Søby Værft A/S have created more job openings on the shipyard. During the summer we have hired five new employees, one being our new project manager Jan Dalhuysen. Jan is 64 years old and of Dutch descent. He has been acquainted with Søby Værft A/S previously, both from a docking of the vessel he worked on and his knowledge of the Island, Ærø -where he has been living for 35 years. Jan´s first-hand experience of the maritime industry is beneficial for his new position at Søby Værft A/S. Since he finished his marine engineer education in Amsterdam, he has been working as a marine engineer on many vessels, all over the world, mostly sailing on vessels with the Panama flag. Jan has also been working as a machine inspector for Fabricius Marine and was a part of a new shipping company "Stella Shipping A/S". Lastly, he worked as a project manager for Marstal Værft and Petersen & Sørensen in Svendborg.
Prospects for the future and COVID19
Søby Værft A/S has many exiting prospects for future projects. We have prebooked dockings, from different types of vessels, with different projects we need to quote for. Further, we are working on several exciting enquires for new buildings. During the next couple of months, we will work hard towards focusing on new developments and innovation, while filling our docks and workshops.

The threat of the pandemic COVID19 is still present in our day to day life, we still do our outmost to prevent contamination and all the precautionary regulations have become routines at the shipyard. Keeping distance and following all the instructions from the Danish government is important for us to get through the pandemic. Luckily Søby Værft A/S has been able to keep all employees and even hire more employees, during this pandemic, all possible because of our fast reaction to the pandemic, our company and strong employees.