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To all customers and subcontractors at Søby shipyard.


At Søby Shipyard we want to protect our customers, subcontractors, and our own employees from getting infected with corona virus.

For this reason, the following guidelines as well as signage and markings in the shipyard must be followed at all times. Our guidelines follow the ones made by the Danish authorities.

When travelling to the shipyard:

  • All travelers must take a corona test maximum of 72 hours prior to arrival. We accept test result from PCR-test and antigen-test (quick test). A complete vaccination is also accepted. Proof of a negative test result or full vaccination must be forwarded to the shipyard by e-mail to, or the documentation must be shown in the administration at Søby Værft A/S upon arrival.
  • Crew members of Danish-flagged ships and ferries must also take a PRC- or quick test maximum 72 hours before arrival or be fully vaccinated. Proof of a negative test result or vaccination must be forwarded to the shipyard by e-mail to, or the documentation must be shown in the administration at Søby Værft A/S upon arrival.
  • Crew members of other ships are exempted from testing before arrival. However, it is possible to get a "quick test" for the crew if the customer wants it.
  • If leaving the island and returning to the yard later on, a new test is required.
  • No-one may visit Søby Shipyard for any reason if they have been in close contact with someone infected with the corona virus within the past seven days.
  • For further information regarding entry into Denmark, please see

General guidelines to be followed at the shipyard:

  • Keep as much distance to each other as possible – at least 2 metre
  • Avoid all kinds of physical contact. Do not shake hands or bump elbows.
  • Wash your hands and use disinfecting hand sanitizer frequently, and always when moving from one part of the yard to another.
  • If you detect any signs of illness stay at home (or in your cabin) – even if it is just a mild cold.
  • Communication between ship and shipyard must be by e-mail or telephone whenever possible.
  • Necessary construction meetings are held with a minimum of participants and only in the shipyard’s dedicated meeting area. There must be at least one empty space between any two persons.
  • Only the Shipyard employees and our own subcontractors are allowed access to our workshops and warehouse. If you need any goods from our warehouse, please contact one of our foremen.
  • Ship’s crew and subcontractors should not work in the same space or nearby any shipyard employee or subcontractor whenever this can be avoided.
  • Crew’s access to the Shipyard is limited to the quay area next to the ship and is only allowed for specific tasks such as hooking of stores. Participation in essential meetings is also allowed. We recommend that the ship’s crew does not go ashore for any other reasons.
  • Subcontractors’ access to the Shipyard is also limited to the quay area and their vehicles at the parking lot.
  • When passing the gangway and similar narrow passages, please remember to keep a distance to those passing in the opposite direction. Do not stay in ship’s hallways and other locations where the required minimum distance cannot be kept.


We ask you kindly to ensure that the entire crew, all subcontractors and other guests are informed of these guidelines prior to arrival and follow the directions throughout their stay at our shipyard.

It is possible to get an Antigen-test (quickest) in Søby and several other places on the island. Please see for opening hours.

A PCR-test is only possible for people with a danish CPR-number and NemID.

We are aware that these measures may make some of the work more difficult. However, this situation is serious and we hope for your understanding, dialogue and cooperation in this regard.

We look forward to welcoming you

Søby d. 11-05-2021