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Arrival and departing of tank Vessel at Søby Værft A/S

Watch the video of Lisa Essberger, as she arrives at Søby Værft A/S.

In the early summer of 2020 we shot some beautiful pictures and videos of our work at dock III on Søby Værft A/S. The video attached is one of the finished products of that day. The video shows the 115-meter tank vessel "Lisa Essberger", as she departs from Søby Værft A/S -heading back for her work on the sea. 

As Lisa Essberger is docking out, the 100 -meter long tank vessel "Nordic Inge" arrives at Søby Værft A/S, ready to transform into "Birhe Essberger". The two vessels passes each other, just outside the shipyard, on this beautiful sunny day. 

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